1 Dress, 3 Ways

If you’ve been an avid, or even a casual, reader of BittaFab you know that I like to style one thing many ways. I’ve done animal print and a body suit so far, and the next installment of fashion inspo comes in the form of a button down dress. Of course, I will be sharing some dresses that I think work great for this type of multi-styling, but it’s always a good idea to shop your closet first. Be on the lookout for a dress that buttons all the way down, this will lead to the most versatility. I personally prefer something with a hint of a sleeve over sleeveless, but this is really up to personal preference. OK, now that we are armed with the “dress“, let’s get to styling!

Way 1: As is

I know this seems like a cop out, but c’mon, you had to see this coming. This was the true intention for this dress, so we got to give it it’s due. You can always upstyle this with accessories: a belt to cinch the waist, statement shoes/sandals, amazing earrings or a cute arm party. Or, you can be like me and keep it super simple, all buttoned up with heeled sandals layered and dainty necklaces…the possibilities are endless.

Way 2: As a skirt

I’ve shared this before, quite recently in fact, with my navy floral dress (also a button down coincidently) with a striped turtleneck on top (post here), but it works with any dress (button down or not). Honestly, I think I was walking around in a shapeless haze before I discovered front tucking or side knotting shirts, such an amazing, figure flattering, trend! Everyone should try it. I front tuck my pajama tops, but maybe that’s taking it too far…lol 😛 You can totally turn your top into a crop top here, you’ve got a full dress on underneath, the world is your oyster! In this case, I paired my dress-skirt look with these cute sneaker alternative white espadrille loafers and I’ve styled myself with silky scrunchies (on my wrist and in my hair). I couldn’t decide on one and I’m an 80s child, so I have no problem double srunchie-ing 🙂 !

You can easily dress this look up with a more fitted top and heels, exchange the srunchie pony for some fancy hair and statement earrings and voila! This isn’t just a casual, mom look…make this whatever you need it to be!

Way 3: As a kimono cardigan

This is my most favorite way and the true inspiration for this video/post. There’s something about a kimono that totally upscales your average tank and distressed shorts…like all the sudden it’s a statement. This feminine neck cami helps to bridge the gap between the distressing of the shorts and the floral pattern of the button down dress and I think it works so well! I don’t own any “real” kimonos, but with a couple of button down dresses in my wardrobe, its a non-issue, really! You can wear this as a beach cover-up that can transition to the most hotel lunch-appropriate outfit after, or vice versa. Think about it 😉

I kept my accessories casual but cute, metallic woven flat sandals and a top knot-style headband, my latest accessory of choice.

So now that I’ve convinced you with all of my compelling arguments 😛 , here are a few other button down dresses that I’ve either tried or will be trying this summer that totally fit the style 3 ways bill (click the pic for details):

and this adorable maternity version for all you yummie mummies-to-be

What should I try to style multiple ways next? I mean, who doesn’t love maximizing their wardrobe without even adding a single extra item into their closet?! Leave your suggestions in the comments below or come find me on Instagram where I post daily stories/content.



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