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5 Product Makeup & Spring OOTD

There’s something about the change of seasons that adds such a level of excitement to getting ready in the morning. I’ve been wishing for Spring and recently, we caught a glimpse of Spring with a 70+ degree day.

As the weather gets warmer, I am less and less interested in complicated makeup looks (now watch, I’ll be dying over a cut crease tomorrow, lol!). I love to let my skin shine through and I lean heavily on my most favorite makeup product: cream blush. Honestly, all I need is cream blush and I feel like I can conquer the world. I love to use it as eyeshadow, on the lips and of course, blend it on the cheeks for that seamless, youthful flush.


I started by applying my skincare. On limited makeup days (or days where I’m just running late), I reach for my Drunk Elephant tinted sunscreen. This doesn’t take the place of a base or concealer, but it does add a little color, which can help with evening out my complexion. I’m a big fan of the Colorescience 3-in-1 Total Eye sunscreen as a “concealer replacement”. Again, this doesn’t cover my under eye circles, but it does tone them down. It all really depends on what you are comfortable with. Here’s my typical in-a-rush routine:

  1. Eyes: Brightening the eyes goes a long way in helping you look more put together. As I mentioned above, my favorite multi-tasker, cream blush, is the total star here. I start by applying cream blush to my eyes. Lately, I’ve been living for the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek. I apply a thin, sheer layer and set this with my RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder (shade: Medium). This helps to keep any creasing at bay. If you don’t normally experience creasing with cream shadows, you can feel free to skip this step! I like to apply a bit of the RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder to my undereye area just mattify and set my undereye SPF. Don’t have time to fuss with any crease-y product when I’m on the run!
  2. Lashes: I’ve had an eyelash curler in my makeup stash since the very beginning, but I always seem to forget that step, unless I’m in a rush. I’m the type who likes to really take my time with mascara. I go slowly and always apply a primer first. When I’m rushing, however, I curl my lashes first to give them an extra, eye-opening boost and then apply a few swipes of my Cover Girl Clump Crusher Water-Resistant mascara.
  3. Brows: It’s not exactly crunch-time friendly to fill in brows, so I prefer simply setting them in place with a clear brow gel. I love this Anastasia one because it sets my brow hairs without being crunchy or gloopy
  4. Face: You can never go wrong with glowing skin and my favorite “highlighter” is MAC’s Strobe Cream. I love to apply this on the high points of my face (cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin) for a natural, radiant look. Then, I go back to my RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek, I apply this generously to my cheeks with a large stippling brush. This blends like a dream and really adds life to your face. I could go on and on, but I think you get it, I love cream blush!
  5. Lips: I swipe a bit of the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek to my lips and that’s it! The look is cohesive, and I look put together, in under 10 minutes!
The supporting cast: for blush/powder application and lashes

The last, unwritten step is just to embrace your flaws. We all have them, with or without makeup, and I’m realizing more and more, that my hyperpigmentation and sunspots make me, me. This doesn’t stop me from using brightening serums or concealer, but acceptance and self-love are the most important “products” in your makeup bag! And, they come especially in handy when you are running late 😛

OOTD – If any of you caught my stories last week, I shared my first Prime Wardrobe haul and while I’m not sure how many pieces I’ll end up keeping, I really like this Amazon Basics turtleneck (which is only $13!). It’s a great layering piece to pair with a fleece, jean jacket, or vest and this is lightweight enough to serve as a Springtime staple! It comes in several other colors, too. This velvet puffer vest is cozy and comfortable without being bulky and I love how it upscales and adds texture to the look. I paired these with a medium wash skinny jean, cuffed at the ankle and my favorite leopard flats. I wasn’t sure about pairing a necklace with a turtleneck, but I love how this looks! This layered rose gold necklace has adorable moon and star details with tiny rhinestones (promo code: PR50). And lastly, I love ponytails with shorter hair and with turtlenecks. I’ve been a huge fan of these Revlon hair elastics, I’m sure you’ve seen these on my wrist in many IG posts and stories. I can’t function without them! They are great for thick hair. I prefer these cloth wrapped ones to the plastic-y style – these don’t stretch out as easily.

Let me know if you like these mini looks – I enjoy putting makeup and basic outfit looks together and would love to share more if you all do too!

What are some of your go-to Spring products or pieces? Share in the comments.



Note: If you are interested in the RMS Beauty Powder or Blush, you can check them out at Follain and use the code: ref_bittafab for 15% off your order 🙂



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