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Animal Print – Styled 3 Ways

Animal print is all around and has been for some time now. In fact, it’s gone from being what I considered a statement print to practically a neutral. It’s literally everywhere: in stores, on TV, all over my Instagram feed, and even in my toddler’s closet (she’s a fashionista!). Up until recently, I struggled to find a way to make animal print work, and beyond that, be a practical and repeatable option, for my mostly casual, cute yet comfy, #momstyle (Is that a thing? If not, I’m making it one).

I began collecting some leopard pieces here and there since last Fall and, after some trial and error, I think that I’ve found not only a way to embrace this trend, but a new-found love for this wild print! Here are three fun ways to dip your toe into animal print:

  1. A scarf – This is the safest and most versatile way to animal, in my opinion at least. You can pair it with a white t-shirt and jeans, like I did, or wear it functionally as true outerwear with a coat or jacket. You can use it as a shawl or wrap with a solid colored dress or as a beach cover-up. This particular scarf is lightweight enough that you could probably even fashion it as a headscarf or hair wrap. Paired with solids, you can’t go wrong! Scarf: Nordstrom, Top: Loft 
  2. Shoes – Like with the scarf, animal print shoes are also versatile. You can dress them up or down. Or stick to my basic white t-shirt and jeans (this combo works with just about everything, a true staple). You can go for sandals, boots, pumps, or flats and have tons of outfit options. These are not, as I once thought, a one trick pony. They really pair well with all manner of solids, brights, pastels, and neons even! Shoes: Target, Top: Loft
  3. A cardigan – When you think about it, a cardigan is really nothing more than a scarf with sleeves 😛 . Depending on the fabric and length, it can be more formal or more casual, but I think the same rules apply. Cardigan: Loft similar, here & here, Top: Loft

Clearly, I’m going through a big cats phase at the moment, but the options really are endless. I’ve even posted a sparkly white, black and gray leopard print sweater on my Instagram feed recently (IG: BittaFab and yes, this is a shameless plug 😛 ). And, as far as any rules are concerned, there really aren’t any. I tend to stick to certain guidelines to fit within my comfort zone, but the beauty of fashion is that everyone’s interpretation is different, just like everyone’s personal style. I hope you have fun experimenting with animal print. I’m always looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe, so please feel to share your favorite finds, or fun, new ideas for my basics, in the comments below 🙂




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