Battle of the Concealers

To paraphrase Bobbi Brown, concealer is one of the secrets of the universe. Now that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’m likely to agree.  Don’t judge, life with toddlers really cuts into my beauty sleep! Come to think of it, one of the other secrets may be coffee 😛

I’m not really into foundation. I’ve tried my hand at some tinted moisturizers and powder foundations in the past, but for as *extra* as I can be, I can’t be bothered with that extra step (yet 😛 ). There’s just so much blending and perfecting to do! Instead, I put all of my eggs into the concealer basket. I like to use a couple of concealers to lay down my base and then, move on to the fun stuff! In the search for the perfect under eye solution I’ve tried so many products. I currently have eleven concealers in my collection and out of all of these, I would most definitely repurchase two. These both serve different roles in my repertoire and, at this point, I wouldn’t want to be without either!

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer – I think there are probably very few people who haven’t heard of this break-the-internet level, popular product. This is extremely high coverage and a teeny tiny bit goes a long way. In the beginning, I would reach for Shape Tape to address my under eye darkness, and this is where I ran into some issues.  Shape Tape’s formula is pretty thick, extremely opaque, highly pigmented and slightly drying. This does cover my under eye circles with ease, but as the day goes on, can make that area appear dry and aged. Although this isn’t my ideal under eye solution, this is the best product to address blemishes or hyperpigmentation. The tiniest amount of product can perfectly conceal any problem areas and once dry, is very long-lasting (shade: Tan). I love never having to worry about touching up!

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Full Coverage Concealer Fluid – This concealer fell into my lap completely by accident and I’m so glad it did! My local Sephora MUAs really know their stuff 🙂 JM’s Vibrancy concealer is everything that I’ve been looking for: great but natural-looking coverage, non-drying and a brightening shade match (shade: Medium). I explained that I was looking for something with the coverage of Tarte’s Shape Tape, but with added hydration. I also emphasized that I like to wear this alone, without any foundation. JM’s Vibrancy concealer ticks all the boxes! The argan oil makes for a very emollient formula, giving it a light creaminess. For me, this functions as one-stop shop corrector/concealer that disguises my under eye circles. It blends seamlessly, so I’m not left with a ‘mask’ of concealer afterwards. The Vibrancy concealer helps me look well-rested and bright, in a natural way. Now, since I am prone to creasing and this is a hydrating formula, I do set this with my favorite Charlotte Tilbury powder (shade: Medium). And, if I had properly prepped and moisturized my under eye area prior to application, that’s all I need for long-lasting coverage!

In other news, yesterday was BittaFab’s 1 year anniversary! Thanks so much for being with me on this journey, whether you have been with me from the beginning or just joined in recently. I feel like I’ve finally found my blogging groove and am so excited to share more BittaFab-ulousness with you all moving forward! As a birthday treat, I’m hosting a giveaway on my Instagram, username: bittafab. Go on and check it out, all the details are listed there 🙂

Cheers and Yay for 1 year!


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