Beauty Closet Declutter

If you are like me and derive pure satisfaction out of seeing organized spaces, stay tuned, you’re in for a treat!

The Kondo-madness continues in the Bitta household and my latest conquest was the Beauty Closet. Before I shared this area on Instagram, I had no clue what to call this space in my Master Bathroom…Linen Closet/Toiletries Closet. Thanks to you guys, my #BittaFabFam, it’s the Beauty Closet now!

This space was always awkward for me, I wasn’t sure how to arrange and display all of the skincare, haircare, and beauty accessories that I keep accumulating (it’s a problem, I know!). The worst is when I go out specifically to buy a product and have no idea I have a perfectly amazing option hidden in a bin. With many of my daily skincare bottles coming close to the end, this was a perfect time for me to survey and declutter my collection before making any new acquisitions.

The Before –  It’s not exactly messy, but it’s really not organized either. While products may have a “home”, there is no real way to see the extent of what is here. My go-to solution of placing items in bins wasn’t the optimal solution here. Toiletries Closet isn’t a popular Pinterest search keyword so the internet wasn’t super helpful to me either. It wasn’t until I was re-organizing my kitchen spices that I figured it out, tiered shelves are the way to go! I found these shelves at the Container Store and loved the clear aesthetic. To replace the white bins, I found clear shoe storage boxes at HomeGoods. I am not able to find the same exact style, but this is a similar and very cost efficient option from Amazon. Since one of my main goals with this declutter was to be able to see what I have, clear storage was a really fitting solution.

After decluttering the keeps from the discards, I first separated out the bottles of product into general categories: masks, cleansers, exfoliators, sunscreen, hair product, etc. and arranged them accordingly on the shelves. I placed all the rest of the items into bins, loosely categorized by genre: brush cleaning, nail care, makeup wipes, dental care, eye care, etc. For the larger open space at the floor of the closet, I utilized a couple two-tiered wire sliding drawers to contain my hot tools, hair brushes, and hair styling accessories. These items did also happen to be heavier, so it was nice to have them closer to the floor.

I did leave one section of the closet with the original bins and this was for my husband’s products. We share this space and he has significantly less product than I do (no surprise there!). Also, he isn’t too picky about its’ organization. The separate container style helps to differentiate his items from mine.

The After – So there you have it, my finalized Beauty Closet. I also went ahead and added some structure to my bathroom vanity drawer with these Container Store drawer organizers. I went for the 4 and 9-compartment shallow drawer inserts.

By optimizing the amount of product I can see at one glance, I am hoping to avoid buying unnecessary, duplicate items and really make the most of all of the products I do have! I shared this declutter on my Instagram Stories as well and you can catch it now on my Highlights (BittaFab). Next up: jewelry declutter.

Are you guys as into reorganizing and decluttering as I am? I know I can’t be the only one 😉 Let me know in the comments what areas you’ve been working on. In the meantime, check out my Makeup Declutter here.



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