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Who doesn’t love kid-decorated Christmas trees 😛

It’s that time of year again, time for eggnog, mistletoe and especially for retail madness! I’m sure all of my fellow online shoppers can relate to the absolute barrage of SALE! emails flooding your inboxes. While looking at these deals and entering in the promo codes, the question I often find myself asking is, ‘Is this the best deal I can get on this item or should I hold out for the next big sale?’ Now, if you are holiday gift shopping for a loved one, it might be best to plan according to shipping dates, it is December 6th after all. But, if you are doing a bit of shopping just for you, then you may want to take advantage of some of my favorite online shopping tools to optimize your savings 🙂

Ebates: With their robust ad campaigns, I’m sure everyone has at least heard of Ebates, if not already a subscriber. This is a magical service which not only provides retailer specific sale and coupon code information, but most notably provides cash back for simply clicking on their link for the retailer before checking out (percentage cash back varies from retailer to retailer). You can also link Ebates to your credit card for in-store purchases, making this a total no-brainer service to sign up for. I haven’t always remembered to go through, but since I’ve installed their  browser shopping assistant, I get on the spot notifications when I’m shopping on any site that Ebates is partnered with and with a simple click, I can start earning my cash back! It makes scoring all the best deals in my pajamas that much more lazy girl-friendly 😛

Shoptagr: There are times when I see a service with such a brilliant but simple concept that I wish I thought of it first! One example that comes to mind is Shoptagr. This site is totally geared towards savvy, online shopaholics! Instead of checking back periodically to see if a particular item has gone down in price, you can instead, save it to your Shoptagr account, complete with color preference and sizing information, and wait for a notification that your item is on sale. It’s that easy! I’ve installed their browser button on my laptop and app to my phone, so I can stay up-to-date when a price has dropped. Shoptagr is partnered with all of the major retailers and more are being added regularly. And, it’s not just for clothing, you can use Shoptagr for a wide range of retailers, including BestBuy, Big Lots, and Bed Bath & Beyond. It is also available for Ulta, Mac Cosmetics and many other makeup and beauty brands! You can organize your account by creating different lists for different purposes. I like to think of my Shoptagr as a big ‘wish list’ manager that enables me to shop smart!

PriceBlink: We’ve covered free cash back and accessing the best sale price, but how about comparative shopping? When you are in the market for an item that you can potentially purchase from a wide range of retailers, how do you know that you’ve picked the best option without spending hours and hours searching the limitless web? PriceBlink has you covered! This genius site also lives on my browser toolbar and any time I am shopping for an item that is sold by multiple retailers, it helps me to find the right store for the best deal! PriceBlink also provides coupon codes and where to purchase discounted gift cards for extra percentage discounts. 

Wikibuy: This tool does share a lot the same benefits that the previous three have, but I love using Wikibuy less for the uniqueness of its features and more for the unique way in which it utilizes those features! Now that I’ve thoroughly confused you, let me explain. I can search for promo codes on multiple sites, but the great thing about Wikibuy is that at ‘Checkout’ it will present a bank of possible codes, automatically test each one, and present me with the best deal. The ultimate lazy girl way to save 🙂 Wikibuy also offers cash back and compares prices among retailers.

Even though the services may have overlapping functionalities, I find that these four work well for me in tandem. More is definitely more (savings!), in this case. I hope that now, armed with these price-saving tools, you can go forth and own those deals! Happy shopping 🙂



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