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Clean Beauty: Part 3 – Where to Start?

The world of clean beauty and skincare can be a bit overwhelming. It’s one thing to pick a new deodorant, but now what? Making the change takes you away from the familiar comfort of all the mainstream products you’ve used and relied on your whole life and drops you smack into unknown territory. Between learning a whole new language of ingredients, getting used to and testing new products, the inevitable greenwashing, all the while trying to be sensible and shop smart, I’ve questioned why I’m on this journey more than a couple times. I know I’ve barely dipped more than my pinky toe into this venture and there are many more knowledgable persons who are truly walking the walk, but in the spirit of taking this journey together, I would like to share how and where I started in hopes that it may be helpful for you, too!

Step 1: Survey what you have

I know, I know, Maneesha cleaned up a bit and all the sudden she thinks she’s the second-coming of Marie Kondo, lol, but hear me out! With mass decluttering comes great wisdom 😉 . In my opinion, its wasteful to throw out all of your existing products just to make a cold turkey switch to clean and green. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. If there are products with ingredients that are causing you harm or that you really want to discontinue, of course, but otherwise, it’s good to really take a look at what you have and use this as a baseline for the next steps. Eliminate all expired products and if there is something you genuinely do not and will not use, no use letting it waste space in your home. Once you’ve decluttered fully, you can identify gaps in your routine, which are a natural starting point for this transformation.

Step 2: Research!

I might be biased (being a research-lover myself), but I feel that our society is obsessed with research! Researching the best vacations, hotels and flights, reading reviews before making a purchase, hitting up Rotten Tomatoes before settling down for movie night. It’s just a natural part of our day-to-day. Curating a clean beauty and skincare routine should also involve the same amount of attention and research.

  • Give yourself a head start by knowing your skin type and being aware of your skincare concerns (anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, etc.)
  • Follow brands and clean beauty influencers/resources on social media. Since you are reading my blog, I’m gonna guess that you’ve probably already got this in the bag, but as much as too much info can be overwhelming, I like to have the opportunity to go through a relevant IG feed and see what products they recommend just to know what’s out there.
  • Besides the obvious reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, I’ve also come to rely on the chat/consult an expert feature offered in many online stores (like Follain & Credo Beauty) and it goes without saying that you should speak to sales associates and request samples when shopping in store.
  • Make sure you are well-versed in the company’s return policy. So many retailers accept returns of opened makeup and skincare, so don’t waste your hard-earned money on something that isn’t right for you!

Step 3: Go for gift sets & minis

I’m pretty sure that if you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you are a product-enthusiast. So, what better way to try multiple options for less? We only have once face and one body, I know, but minis increase the amount of products you are exposed to, thereby helping you to make a better informed decision when do you go for a full-sized product in the end (also you can use/reuse the adorable packaging for your next trip)!  I’m always looking to try the new & exciting and if there is a brand thrown in that I haven’t tried before, even better! Clean beauty retailers, like Detox Market, Follain, and Credo Beauty all have a gift set section on their site with curated or brand-specific sets you can choose from. You can even find clean beauty minis at Ulta and Sephora. Ulta always has Juice Beauty starter kits that I love to gift to friends and family. I just got the Follain Clean Beauty Essentials Kit and it comes with a pouch, a full face routine (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) + a gentle hand soap that can even be used for pets or clothing. I am so excited to test these products out because I have not tried any skincare from Osea, Indie Lee or Ursa Major before. Be on the lookout for my feedback after testing in a future post!

The first step is the hardest, so I hope that these three give any of you who may be unsure of how to make the change to clean beauty and skincare a little less puzzling. In other amazing news, as a brand new Follain Ambassador, I am happy to share a 15% off Follain discount code (with exclusions*): ref15_xl7qar

Let’s take these first steps together and share in this Clean Beauty journey. In the words of my son, Everything is more fun when we do it together 🙂 .




*The following brands are excluded from the 15% off coupon code: Josh Rosebrook, May Lindstrom, One Love Organics, True Botanicals, Vintners Daughter. This coupon code is meant for online purchases only. If you would like to use this code in store, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you out!

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