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I’ve been sticking to my #cleanstreak promise and haven’t purchased a ‘non-clean’/’non-green’ beauty or hair product since my major declutter earlier this year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this – I’m slowly trying to find clean alternatives to the not-so-clean parts of my skincare and beauty routine. Step 1 was decluttering all of my existing products so I know what I have left to use and what I was ready to toss. Now that I can see the contents of my collection daily, I have been making my way through it, using up products and moving on to the next so I can the most of my past purchases! But, there does come a time when I need to get something new and this is where the Step 2 and #cleanstreak comes in to play.

I am a total makeup junkie and a recent skincare convert, but if I were to truly analyze my beauty regimen, hair always comes first. No amount of glowing skin or expertly applied makeup could ever cover up a bad hair day for me…hair is just my number 1! In fact, freshly-styled, voluminous yet smooth hair trumps all. This is why I’ve been a bit apprehensive about finding a clean alternative to my shampoo and conditioner routine. I really like what I’ve been using and there is nothing at all wrong them, aside from their not-so-good ingredients. I’ve also tried my hand at sulfate-free shampoos, several times over the past decade, and I’ve always ended up with sticky-feeling, flat hair. Zero suds (although I know that suds don’t equal clean) and zero volume. So despite the great things I’d heard about the brand Innersense, I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t work for me.

Ok, all that build up, and drumroll please, I was wrong!! Super happy to be wrong, actually 😛 The Innersense color-treated line of shampoo, Color Awakening Hairbath Shampoo, and conditioner, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, has been amazing! I have thick, coarse, frizzy, textured, wavy/curly hair naturally. It used to curl up into pretty ringlets when I was in my teens and early twenties, but over the past ten years, anytime I try to wear it naturally, it’s just a big, frizzy mess. Emphasis on big! I learned how blow dry my hair with a round brush and how best to straighten it, so it wasn’t a big deal, but I never wanted to be seen in public with un-styled hair. Since I started using Innersense, about two months ago, I’ve noticed such a change when I allow my hair to dry naturally. The frizz has significantly reduced; I don’t look like I put my finger in an electrical socket anymore 😛 I still do prefer to blow it out straight, I can wash it much less frequently this way, but I allow my hair to air dry almost 99% before I apply any heat. I quickly run a round brush through my hair and straighten some unruly bits, a ten minute job total. Healthier hair dries and styles so much faster and better. I’ve also gone out in public with my natural hair without feeling self-conscious – a pretty major accomplishment for me!

I went to see my hair dresser about a month into using the Innersense duo and although I had scheduled it, she told me that I had no need for a trim and that my ends were totally fine. This never happens! Between coloring my roots every 6 weeks, touching up highlights and heat styling my hair twice a week, I definitely need to stay on top of my haircuts. I’m prone to dry, split ends, but clearly this is something that is helping to nourish my hair! There are a few different types of shampoo and conditioner in their product line, depending on your hair type. Innersense also carries several different styling products, which I am looking forward to trying once I finish up the ones I have.

Shampoo and conditioner are only one part of my haircare routine, and I do think that finding the right hair stylist and being regular with trims helps, as does using quality hot tools, like T3 Micro. Check out my previous haircare posts for more details: Taming the Mane: Part 1 & Part 2.

Have any of you been on a #cleanstreak ? What products have you been swapping out? I’d love to hear what you’ve been using and what’s been working for you!! Share in the comments or let’s chat on Instagram DM ( And, as always, anytime you are shopping at Follain, you can use the promo code ref_bittafab for 15% off your order.






  • rkchecking

    This is awesome! Clean haircare has been a huge movement in the curly hair world, and overall I feel it makes you more able to embrace your natural texture and just have healthier hair overall! Your hair looks great, both before and after blow dry/flat iron!
    I wonder whether prior attempts to use sulfate-free shampoo didn’t work because silicone buildup remained on hair– Innersense does not contain silicones, which is awesome!

    • BittaFab

      Thank you! You bring up a great point, didn’t know about the effects of silicones on sulfate-free shampoos. Definitely loving clean haircare 🙂

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