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Lips have been having their moment for a while now (thanks, Kylie!). It’s all about the healthy pout and I’ve finally discovered how to achieve mine, thanks to clean beauty!

Optional Step 1: Exfoliate

There are so many products marketed and sold specifically for this purpose, and I’ve tried my fair share, but I always seem to come back to this, super basic method – rub your lips gently with a towel. I know this might sound too simple, but it really works. Once or twice a week, while getting out of the shower, I gently rub my lips with my bath towel. This works to slough off dry skin, leaving my lips smooth and vibrant. Over exfoliation can be harmful, so don’t rub too hard and limit this to 2x a week or whenever your lips seem dull.

Step 2: End your AM & PM skincare routines with a clean lip balm

The key word here is clean. I’ve tried pretty much every lip balm on the market: Carmex, Blistex, Nivea, Aquaphor, Vaseline, Soft Lips…you get it. They all have generally the same petroleum jelly feel. Personally, I recommend steering clear of using these types of barrier creams as lip moisturizers. Their true purpose is to sit on top of the skin and form a protective layer, not to heal and moisturize the lips.  It wasn’t until I tried the Kari Gran Lip Whip that I understood the difference. This has a buttery consistency, is less sticky and doesn’t just sit on top of your lips. It sinks in and moisturizes your lips, transforming their texture and feel.

While I still love and recommend the Lip Whips (I repurchased this in ‘Jeannie‘), my lip balm of choice is the Poethique Nourishing Lip Balm. I almost done with my first pot of ‘Buenos Aires’ and have already placed a backup order because I don’t want to be without this! The name says it all – this is such a nourishing balm, packed with so many fruit and nut oils and butters. I think this is best applied with a spatula (you can use the back of your nail in a pinch) because this is a dense (but not waxy) product. Not only have my lips been soft and hydrated, lip products now apply like a dream.

Step 3: Invest in a lip serum

Specifically, the FitGlow Beauty Lip Colour Serum. This is a lip treatment disguised as a beautiful gloss – best of all worlds, amirite? I have the shade ‘Liv’ and on my skin tone and pigmented lips, this comes off as a subtle, my lips but better tone. This gently plumps your lips and diminishes lines. The ingredients and formula are specifically intended to improve your lip’s cellular structure and maximize fullness. It’s the key to luscious lips! I wear and reapply the FitGlow Serum throughout the day and layer other lippies on top when I want a bit of color. For a more plumpy look, I line and fill in my lips with a nude lip liner and then apply the serum on top.

At $42, this definitely comes with a hefty price tag, but up until recently, I was buying (and repurchasing) the Dior Lip Maximizer ($34) which wasn’t anything more than a comfortable lip gloss for me. The long lasting benefits that I’ve been experiencing with daily use of the FitGlow lip serum make the extra $8 worth it for me and if you are willing to invest in one clean lip care product, I would strongly recommend this one! Also, FitGlow does run occasional promotions (be on the lookout for a Labor Day Sale coming up!), so savvy shoppers can snag a deal.

What are your clean lip go-to products? There are so many brands I have yet to discover, so I’d love to hear which balms and serums you can’t live without.







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