Epic Lash Combo!

Happy National Lash Day, BittaFab Fam!

Normally, I don’t indulge silly holidays, but this is one I can get behind. Mascara would definitely be one of my desert island products. Long, dark, curled, voluminous, fanned lashes really make a big difference by opening up your eyes and just instantly making you look more put together. Obviously a major concern when stuck on a desert island… 😉

My Epic Lash Combo:

Lancome Cils Booster XL Mascara Enhancing Base


Cover Girl Clump Crusher Water Resistant

I have been wearing this particular lash duo for the better part of a year (and the only way I may move on from it is if I find just as good of a #cleanbeauty alternative). This is my holy grail lash solution, for the reasons I’ll list below:

  1. Neither the Lancome primer nor the CG mascara has an overly wet or dry formula. They both have the perfect middle ground which means I don’t have to wait for the mascara to dry before I blink and I don’t have to worry about dry, mascara flakiness on my face throughout the day.
  2. Both tubes don’t dry out easily. I can easily get a good 3 months out of each, which I consider a reasonable amount of use!
  3. Both formulas are buildable. I can add to the primer to really boost my lash volume and I can do the same with the mascara. I can easily spend 10 minutes just on lashes, it just depends on how much time I have overall 😉
  4. This combination is easy to remove. Makeup removal wipes are my go-to for mascara removal and my trusty Clean and Clear wipes take care of this with ease. No excessive rubbing required.
  5. Zero eye irritation. I am a contact lens wearer and have sensitive eyes in general, this duo doesn’t disturb me in the least.
  6. Thanks to the water resistant formula of the CG mascara, I never have to endure the dreaded panda eyes! The product stays put.
Top to bottom: Bare lashes, Lashes with just CG Clump Crusher, Lashes with just Lancome primer, Lashes with Lancome primer + CG mascara

While the Clump Crusher mascara is nice on it’s own, adding great length, the pairing of the Lancome primer adds great volume and a more bold look! On days when I want my lashes to really stand out, I love wearing a brown or bronze-y eyeliner, like MAC Teddy Eye Kohl. You can see all of the black lashes against the brown, all while still defining the lash line, win win!

One tip to maximize your clump crush-ability when using the CG mascara: Be sure to use the convex side of the lash wand when applying your mascara. This curved edge really helps to remove clumps and build volume once the primer has been applied.

What mascara(s) can’t you be without? Do you prefer false lashes or lash extensions? I want to hear about what works best for you.



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