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First Impression: withSimplicity All-Natural Face Masks

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving three brand new, withSimplicity toxin-free face masks that will be launching today. Now, there’s nothing I love more than discovering new and exciting clean beauty and skincare brands, so I jumped at the chance to treat myself to a little masking ‘me time’ over the past few days. My disclaimer, as always, is that I personally have dry, dehydrated skin that lately has been going through an oily/acne-prone patch. I have only tried each product once and cannot comment on any long term benefits/issues, but will provide you all with my honest, first impression.

withSimplicity‘s mask launch #wsmaskerade includes five toxin-free, natural, organic, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free masks that all target different skin concerns (* designates the masks I was provided to try).

  • Lumi-hance – Turmeric and Vitamin C Brightening Mask
  • Beet the Clock – Beet and Rose Rejuvenating Pro-Age Mask
  • Meet your Match(a) – Matcha and Hyaluronic Dry Defense Mask*
  • Renew and Retain – Spirulina and Kelp Correcting Mask*
  • Bee-you-tiful – Complexion Rescue Honey Mask*

Given my current skin situation (dry and acne prone), I was excited to try the matcha, spirulina and honey masks to help hydrate, correct and calm my skin.

Before I get into my experience with the masks, I wanted to share a bit about withSimplicity. This is my first foray into the brand and I was excited to learn about the company itself. withSimplicity is a women-owned and operated brand out of Harrisonburg, VA. Their wide product selection ranges from skincare, makeup, body care, even clean nail care, and that’s not even everything! withSimplicity ethically-sources all of their ingredients and their products are organic, natural, toxin-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan and handmade in small batches. They ship nationwide (woohoo!) or you can visit their Harrisonburg store front to shop in person.

Renew and Retain – Spirulina and Kelp Correcting Mask

This was the first mask that I tried and the first powder mask that I’ve ever tried! You can mix the powder with either honey or water, I opted for water, and I may have gone a little heavy handed with the water (I went straight into pancake batter mode 😛 ) Regardless, it all worked out find and I was able to apply this blue-gray mask with ease.

I did experience a tingling sensation a few minutes into wearing the mask and that continued and got stronger as time went on. I attribute the tingling to the mask’s cell turnover properties as I have experienced this tingle with AHA/BHA serums and masks in the past. The tingle completely subsided once I washed the mask off and I was left with soft skin as I applied my nighttime skincare. I woke up to balanced skin (no oiliness or dryness) and noticed that my blemishes had reduced in size.


All in all, my first experience with the Renew and Retain mask was a positive experience and I strongly recommend it for anyone with combo/oily/acne-prone skin.

Meet your Match(a) – Matcha and Hyaluronic Dry Defense Mask

This is a powder mask intended for dry skin – you know I was excited about this one and *spoiler alert* I really enjoyed it! I kept the consistency a bit thicker this time (I added less water) and it applied very smoothly.

From the moment I applied this mask, it felt very moisturizing and nourishing. I actually went about my work and barely noticed I was wearing a mask until a little over 20 minutes later. It became powdery as it dried and was very easy to remove.

Upon removal, my skin felt hydrated, as if I had applied a moisturizer. This usually isn’t the case when I cleanse my skin – I start to feel dry, tightness very shortly after washing my face. My skin appeared bright and smooth. The next morning, I woke up to dried out blemishes (yay!) and soft, glowy skin. A great first impression and I will certainly be trying this again in the future!

Bee-You-Tiful – Complexion Rescue Honey Mask

This mask came pre-mixed with honey, no work involved. I applied it straight from the packaging and you can definitely smell and feel the honey, its a delicious smelling, slightly sticky mask.

After it was applied, this mask, too, provided a hydrating feel and it was very comfortable to wear while I did some work on my laptop. I believe this may have something to do with the moisturizing blue tansy ingredient. After 20 minutes, I removed the mask with water by moving my fingers in gentle circular motions. The mask has small particles within that can gently physically exfoliate the skin during removal. I would strongly advice removing the mask carefully and gently so the particles do not irritate the skin.

Once the mask was removed, my skin felt very fresh and hydrated. I did feel the need to apply the next steps of my skincare soon after, but my skin felt very cleansed, and not stripped. I look forward to trying this mask again in the future as well!

All in all, this was a fun masking experience and I am so happy to have discovered withSimplicity. I look forward to trying more from the brand soon! For those of you interested in trying these masks, they launch tonight, 10/30, at 6 pm and you can get 10% off your order with the code BITTA10. Check out the two other masks that are part of this launch below:

Let me know what your experience is if you try any of these masks and what I should try from withSimplicity next!



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