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Fresh Face of Clean Beauty

While I’ve been into clean skincare for several years now, I really only started to dive into the world of clean makeup earlier this year. My visit to Follain Dallas really sparked my interest; I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of shopping for clean makeup online until I had a chance to really play with the product in person. Pittsburgh is still the best city in the world 😛 , but we don’t always have the latest and greatest in terms of natural beauty, so whenever I’m in an area that does, I’m all over it!

I’ve finally amassed enough of a collection where I was able to do a full face of clean makeup – how exciting is that! Check out this no makeup makeup look that’s practical for almost every occasion. As much as I love sparkle and over the top looks, every once in a while it’s fun to play up your natural features and let your true beauty shine 🙂

Here’s a breakdown of the products I used. Everything but the mascara can be purchased at Follain.

Anytime you shop at Follain, feel free to use the code ‘ref_bittafab’ for 15% off your order!

What are your go-to products for a no makeup makeup look?



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