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Full Face of Clean Beauty

We started this clean makeup/#cleanstreak back in Feb and I am so excited that I finally have all the components for a full face of clean beauty. Like I back when I was knee deep in decluttering, I never wanted to up and buy makeup in a rushed and haphazard fashion. I wanted to buy things as the need arose and allow ample time for research/reading reviews. Plus, let’s be real, makeup isn’t cheap and the same goes for the nontoxic variety.

When I first proposed #cleanstreak (where I challenged myself to only buy clean makeup/skincare products), I adamant that the products I use and incorporate into my daily routine be just as good or better than their “toxic” counterparts. Ultimately, I’m all about awesome makeup. Yes, I want to use better products and bring about ingredient awareness, but ain’t nobody settling around here!

I’m so happy to say that many of the products I used for this full face look are my absolute go-tos. They’ve surpassed the former, not-so-clean holy grail products. So enough build-up, here’s the breakdown:

It was my first time using a lot of the FitGlow Beauty products, with the exception of the concealer. Of this group, my holy grails are the RMS Beauty powder and Honest Beauty Mascara+Primer. I am on my second tube of the mascara and I’ve been using the setting powder exclusively since February. I had zero creasing during the winter months and this summer with my tendency for combo skin and during the past heatwave, it’s been minimal.

Be on the lookout for more details on these products soon! In the meantime, let me know what nontoxic products you’ve been living for – I’m always ready for some more recommendations šŸ™‚


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