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HIf I could give you one word to describe my January so far, it would be Kondo. As in, Marie Kondo. Yes, I have fallen into the blackhole of tidying and man is it joyful ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Now, I’ve always harbored a secret love for organizing, but after watching a few episodes of Tidying Up on Netflix, it was as if I had become possessed. I tackled two large storage closets, my kitchen, my closet, both of my kids’ closets and their playroom. My house must be at least 500 lbs lighter! Now that I am coming off of this organizational binge, I feel refreshed and excited for 2019!

One particularly important area that fell victim to the crazed tidying rampage was my makeup collection and I couldn’t be happier about it ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared the process on Instagram (BittaFab), so please be sure to check out my stories; everything is saved under the Declutter tab. As dramatic as this may sound, this process was pretty educational and I would like to share some insights with you all:

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Makeup Expires: Theoretically, I knew this. In fact, I’m sure most of us know this, but I never really gave this idea too much thought before this declutter session. Makeup expiration dates can be incredibly helpful when deciding whether to keep or toss a product, and they were the closest thing to an objective measure that I used while tidying. However, while researching expiration dates, I found a lot of discrepancy. After reviewing several sources, I was able to get a general gist of how long each type of product should be kept (see chart).

Another helpful way to determine how long to keep a product is listed right on the packaging, the PAO (Period After Opening). This lets you know how long the product will stay good after breaking the seal. Unfortunately, this symbol isn’t listed on all brands/products.

The best ways to optimize the shelf life of your makeup include avoiding dipping fingers into product, regularly washing makeup brushes and storing makeup in a cool, dry area (the bathroom is not a good place to keep your makeup). Mascaras should not be pumped in and out of their tube excessively as this increases the amount of air that comes in contact with the product and thereby makes it more susceptible to bacteria. The same goes for liquid eyeliners. When your products are approaching their “expiration dates”, be on the look out for changes in texture or appearance and any changes in smell or application. These typically signify that the product has gone off.

Buy Realistically: Speaking as someone who considers Sephora my ultimate candy shop, I know how easy it is to get swept up in the hype. There is always a new, exciting product being released. There is always a hot, new trend that I just have to try. But, one big takeaway that I came away with from this experience is that even though I had so much makeup, I was barely using a quarter of it on a daily basis. For example, I had about 15 concealers/correctors in my collection and for the last six months, I’ve only really used two of those! I can typically tell within a couple days if a concealer works for me and if not, I should just exercise my right to return and move on. Also, when I’m gearing up to make an impulse buy, I find that it helps to ask the sales associate for a sample to see if I enjoy the product first. Now, no one is saying that I will stop makeup shopping entirely (sorry hubby!), but since I know what I have, I can be a better, more informed shopper who, hopefully, makes smart choices!

Keep Things in Sight: In general, the more you see something, the more likely you are to use it. This is why I love having clear organizers to keep the majority of my collection right on my makeup desk where I can see everything at once. Previously, my collection was sprawling over my desk, two drawers, and several cups on a different level. While everything was neat and had a home, I only saw a small percentage of my collection while seated and after a while, items in the drawers and cups were forgotten and possibly repurchased as a result. Now, I have consolidated down to one drawer and gotten rid of the hidden cups entirely. I utilized the second drawer to store my unopened backups, another thing that I tend to hoard during sale times. Right now, I can easily see that I have three backup mascaras, so there is no need to stock up in the near future!

Who knew tidying could be so educational? Well, I mean, besides Marie ๐Ÿ˜€ Here’s wishing you all clutter-free beauty stations and smart shopping 2019!



*Please note that these expiration guidelines are in no way scientifically calculated. I simply viewed several sites and shared some common results. Use your own judgement when determining whether or not a product is safe for use.

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