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My Autumn Sephora Haul(s)

Note: By total coincidence, this post is going up just as the Sephora Beauty Insider Holiday Hooray Event is starting (11/29-12/12). If you’re in the mood to shop but need a little inspiration, check out my recent purchases! 

Am I the only one who finds a sale hard to resist? I could be completely satisfied, without a single consumeristic thought in my mind, but the second I see that Sephora is offering 20% off for VIBs for two fall weekends in a row…and then again for another (magical) extended weekend…I can’t not participate!

As I had mentioned with my most recent Ulta haul, I wait for these sales to stock up on my daily items; the skincare and makeup basics that I would’ve needed to repurchase anyways. I do also like to dabble a bit in the holiday gift sets selection. For starters, these are a great way to satisfy any curiosity about a new brand without a major monetary/product volume commitment. Also, many value sets offer TSA-friendly minis which make packing a breeze. Here’s what I got…

The Repeat Buys:

This year I became a believer in the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer. All eye shadow primers are not created equal and even though the rest of my skin is typically dry, my eyelids can be oddly slick. I’ve tried a lot of hyped, high-end brands and drugstore dupes, and while they weren’t bad per se, I would always experience creasing with cream shadows. This primer has finally stopped that! It has a drier texture that blends easily and goes on colorless (think Nars Pro Prime, but better!). A little goes a long way, but since I’m extra and love wearing shadow on the daily, this will be my 3rd tube 🙂

While the beauty world is trending towards the matte pout, I am still not over the glossy lip. As with primers, there is a wide range of gloss formulas and I tend to rule out the painful lip plumpers and sticky types. A long time favorite of mine is the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. This comfortable gloss gives your lips fullness and life without any stinging or stickiness. I wouldn’t necessarily say it “maximizes” my lips, but it does create the illusion by reducing the appearance of lines. Since I last purchased it in Pink, it has come out in Beige Sunrise, so I decided to give this shade a shot. Same great formula with a nudey touch that looks equally amazing alone or as a topper.

The Beauty Blender Sweet Surprise Mystery Bag* is a cute play on the blind bags that so many annoying YouTube Kids videos are based on (you moms out there feel me, right?) 😛 There are four possible Beauty Blender colors that you can get, one of which is the rare mystery color (ooooh), and a mini Blender Cleanser. This kit costs $20 and the Original Beauty Blender also costs $20, so this is a total no brainer, with the cleanser and element of mystery thrown in for FREE! I love Beauty Blenders for their ability to apply makeup in such a way that your skin still looks like skin, just more flawless! This is a go-to of mine for concealer, both under the eye and all over the face. And you all already know that I love the cleanser for not only cleaning my beauty sponges, but for cleaning my makeup brushes as well! Now, if anyone got it, what was the mystery color?! I’m dying to know!

The First Time Purchases:

I’ve been really drawn to clean beauty brand, Drunk Elephant (DE) over the past year. I started out by trying their SPF, then a skincare product mini here and there with my point perks and the brand’s value sets. Recently, I finished up some products and decided to restock with DE. I will always be a diehard fan of the Radha Beauty Rose Hip Oil, but I tried a mini of the DE Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil on a recent vacation and really liked the fast-absorbing, non-greasy texture. I had also finished my moisturizer and with winter approaching, decided to take advantage of the sale and try two, the lighter gel-formula of the Protini Polypeptide Cream for daytime and the richer Lala Retro Whipped Cream for nighttime.  I’ve barely used these products for two weeks, so I can’t comment as to their efficacy yet, but so far, I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions. My skin has been feeling hydrated, which is something I can struggle with, especially this time of year. I’ll share more in an upcoming skincare post!

Nothing goes together better than holidays and bling! During the past two months of back to back festivities, I realized that I was majorly lacking in the glittery shadow department. I do have shimmery golds and bronzes in my collection, but nothing truly over the top. And then, what should drop but the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette. This palette just screams Bollywood to me! So many beautiful metallic glittery shimmers, it’s an Indian wedding’s dream come true. Not to mention, ABH shadows have an amazing reputation and I’d never tried any before this. These were the only eyeshadows I packed on my five-day Thanksgiving vacation and I had a fun time experimenting. I even posted a couple looks on my Instagram: bittafab  

You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the much buzzed Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. This is a frequent mention on many YouTubers’ Favorite videos. On a whim, I decided to throw this into my shopping cart and two weeks in, I’m not sure I get the hype. It does smell nice, but nothing overly unique. I also can’t attest to the claims of skin tightening as yet. I hope to see a change with prolonged use. It does provide a shimmery sheen to the skin, which is nice, especially for a night out. I’ll follow up on this one!

My last item was something I picked up out of sheer curiosity, the Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleanser. At $14, it’s only $2 less than the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser for the same amount of product. The true test will be how nicely this cleans my brushes. It has over 1.5K 5-star reviews, so I’m betting this will be a good one! Always fun to try something new 🙂

Ok, if you made it to the end, Bravo! I can get really chatty when talking about makeup 😉 I would love to follow up on this haul with reviews in the upcoming future to give you all a better idea of what is worth it and what isn’t. Til then, Happy Shopping! 



*At the time this post is going up, this item is no longer available on Sephora’s site. I included the company’s product link for your convenience.


  • rkchecking

    Awesome post— what a wealth of info! So smart to use sales as chance to refresh your stock of everyday use stuff and try travel sizes from gift sets! Wanna see looks from your new eyeshadow palette!

  • SK

    I’m happy to hear you liked the Sultry palette! I have the ABH Soft Glam palette, and I use it all the time. Do you think the colors in the Sultry palette work well with warm skin tones?

    • BittaFab

      I absolutely think that the Sultry palette suits warm skin tones! I will be posting my review soon, just want to play around with the palette a bit more to really round out my thoughts. Thanks for reading 🙂

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