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If there is one lesson that I’ve learned during this decluttering craze, it’s If you can’t see it, you won’t use it or better yet Out of sight, out of mind. This concept has really shaped the way that I’ve positioned and re-organized all of the items in the areas I’ve Kondo-ed.

Although I thought I had organized my closet, all I really did was address my clothes. I didn’t factor in handbags, shoes, my very large collection of empty product boxes (why??) and jewelry:

  • Handbag Declutter: I separated the handbags which I use frequently from the ones that I was no longer interested in. I sold a few at a local consignment store and donated the rest. My collection is pretty manageable and I prefer it that way. I’m not one to switch up bags often.
  • Shoe Declutter: This was a bit hard, specifically because there are many shoes I love to look at, but dread wearing because they are so uncomfortable. If there is one thing I’ve learned getting older, uncomfortable shoes just aren’t worth it anymore. I prefer finding gorgeous shoes that don’t make me want to cry immediately…they do exist! Once I placed comfort first, I was able to declutter several pairs. I did, however, save my uncomfy wedding shoes, I boxed them up and stored them with my wedding dress for the memories.
  • Empty Box Issue: If I were to psychoanalyze the empty box collection, I think I just like to be prepared for a potential return. Also, empty shoe boxes can be handy for storing miscellaneous items, dioramas…yep, these are the excuses of massive hoarder.  Seeing as how many of the ‘box contents’ have been in my life for years, I felt secure in knowing that I couldn’t return them even if I wanted to, so all of the boxes were recycled. Aaahh, refreshing! Now I just need to stop myself from collecting again!
  • Bracelet & Earring Organization: These are the two categories of jewelry I wear most often, so I already had an effective organization system in place. I did a brutal reassessment of my collection to remove any ‘not joy sparking’ pieces, but all in all, this was a breeze.
My 2-in-1 mirrored jewelry armoire, a great piece, but not the right solution for me

This leaves Necklaces. I am a creature of habit – I tend to wear the same necklace everyday. In fact, I rarely even remove it. Oddly, this doesn’t stop me from purchasing more necklaces…not very logical, I know! Lately, I have been really inspired by the necklace layering trend and have been wanting to experiment with the pieces I have, but my storage method hasn’t made that easy. For years, I have been using a free-standing jewelry armoire that has several hooks for both long and short necklaces. The only issue is, I have to actively remember to open the armoire and look at my necklaces to see what I have and I usually forget. I wanted to find a system that placed everything out in the open, in a neat and aesthetic way, so I would be more likely to wear what I have. And yay, after a lot of internet browsing and Home Goods-shopping, I found that system!

My decluttered necklaces, what a mess!

Before I rearranged my collection, I did have to declutter. There were a lot of pieces that I had been holding on to for no reason, some that weren’t in good shape anymore, and I’m not as big a fan of statement necklaces as I was 5-6 years ago; basically, I ended up condensing my collection by half. The pieces I saved are ones I’m genuinely excited about and since re-organizing about a week ago, I’ve started switching things up, confirming this system works!

So here’s the After, and like with my other declutters, I am so pleased with the results. My biggest struggle was finding a good system for statement necklaces. I don’t think that hooks or bars do them justice and I wasn’t sure if I had the space for several bust-style necklace stands. Then I found this collapsable necklace display. How perfect is this piece?! I know it’s likely meant for someone displaying their necklaces for sale, but it really works for my display purposes as well! You can click on the picture to shop this gem.

My statement necklace display

Once I found this, the remaining issue was finding a solution for my more dainty pieces and I knew I needed some sort of tiered stand situation and as per my M.O., I got an extra to grow into:

My tiered necklace storage

And here’s the finished product, my masterpiece 😉

No more jumbled necklaces, haphazardly thrown on a hook. Everything here is neat and spaced apart, which not only makes it pleasing to the eye but also, hopefully, helps to reduce any chance of undue wear and tear. I love having a mirror right next to the stands so I can make a decision about what to wear on the spot. All-in-all, this is probably my most favorite declutter transformation! So excited to wear and layer different necklaces.

For anyone interested in my under cabinet lighting, you can find similar here.

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