Taming the Mane, Part II: Product Edition

Happy New Year, BittaFab Fam! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed the last bits of 2018 to the fullest! I know I sure did 🙂 I soaked up family time, became older and wiser 😉 , caught up on movies and was generally lazy, in the most satisfying way! Now, I’m re-energized and raring to kick off 2019. My main goal is to continue working towards building this community where we can share products/tips and discuss our interests freely. To that end, I would love to hear more from YOU, so don’t be shy! #GoBittaFabFam!

Back to hair: Last we left off, I told you all about my #holygrail T3 Micro Cura hair dryer and SinglePass flat iron (Post Taming the Mane: Part I). Those both still play the lead in my haircare routine, but now I want to tell you about my awesome supporting cast…I mean products 😛 As a reminder, I have thick, dry/coarse hair that tends towards wavy/frizzy. Length-wise, it’s an inch below my under arm.

Cleansing routine – since my hair is on the drier side, I can get away with washing 2-3x per week. This is especially awesome because that’s about all the weekly haircare that my #momlife will allow. In order to make the most of my infrequent washings, I tend to prefer shampoo formulas that aren’t too rich or creamy to avoid future oiliness or buildup. My favorite for pretty much all of 2018 has been Matrix’s Biolage Ultra Hydrosource Shampoo. My tip: I always shampoo twice. Frankly speaking, the first shampoo usually doesn’t penetrate past my top layer of hair. The second shampoo is key for targeting the inner layers of hair and scalp. Because I shampoo twice, I can get away with using smaller amounts of shampoo each time and this is key to ensure I’m not drying out my scalp, or more realistically, rinsing forever! After my double shampoo, I love to use a rich conditioner and focus it on any hair from the neck down. My current favorite is Wella’s Fusionplex Conditioner. I try to leave the conditioner on for as long as I can before rinsing, to really hydrate my dry, split-prone ends. Once I’m done, I manually squeeze any excess water out of my hair and throw it up in a towel or Turbie Twist. I generally avoid actively rubbing it dry with a towel to prevent breakage and frizz.

Product routine – Since I’m of the gotta make this wash last as long as possible mindset, I tend to select/limit products accordingly. I do heat style with a blowdryer and straightener/curling iron, so some amount of product is non-negotiable. I am currently on my second bottle of Briogeo’s Roscaro Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Creme. This is an awesome multitasking product (heat protectant, hydrates, smoothes and de-frizzes) that smells heavenly. I focus a quarter-sized amount on my ends and whatever is left over I apply to the top. This doesn’t leave any stickiness or greasiness behind. I top this off with 1-3 drops of Aveda’s Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil, just on the ends. Over the past month, I’ve started using Moroccan Oil Root Boost to build volume. So far, this has been working well for me. I spray just a tiny bit in a few areas around the crown of my head while my hair is still damp. Post-drying, I have been noticing a bit of extra volume, but I will keep on testing and report back with more through findings 😉

Must-have brushes: Once I’ve applied all of the product, I comb everything through with my very trusty Wet Brush Pro. This particular brush is my absolute favorite because it can really handle my thick hair while giving the most gentle scalp massage. I 100% prefer this style over the original Wet Brush; it’s a lot sturdier and the bristles don’t bend as easily. I bought mine almost six months ago and it’s still going strong! Also, this is the only brush I use for my kids, it removes tangles with ease! When blow drying, I love using ceramic round brushes with synthetic bristles and these by Olivia Garden are my favorite. Like the Wet Brush, these are sturdy and easy to clean. Also, these bristles stand up to my thick hair, a running theme in my recommendations 🙂 I have two sizes, 2 1/8″ and 3 1/2″. I love using the larger brush to build volume at the crown and the smaller for general blow drying.

Hmm…before I wrote this all out, I felt like I had a pretty low key routine, but now I’m not so sure. I’ll let you be the judge 😛 I only recently added the 3 1/2″ barrel round brush, I feel like you can never have enough volume, especially during beanie season.

Also, I wanted to share that Ulta is currently running their amazing (I think twice yearly) Jumbo Love event where you can score the large 33.8 oz shampoo/conditioner bottles for 20-50% off. There are a lot of participating brands and this is THE time when I stock up. This sale is going on in stores and online until January 26th. An added perk is that until January 5th, members can earn 5X the UltaBeauty points on select brands.

Wishing you all a happy 2019!


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