Taming the Mane

My hair and I have always had a complicated relationship. Growing up, my hair was super thick, long and straight (I could sit on it) and the sheer weight of a high ponytail would give me headaches. In middle school, I donated 14 inches (I still had what most would consider ‘long’ hair) and then, all of the sudden, I had texture. Bye bye straight, shiny locks, hello frizzy, poof ball. I had no idea how to wrangle the beast, nor did I try. I kind of let my hair do it’s own thing until high school when my curly haired friend pointed out that I, too, can have curls. She opened up a whole new world of hair gel, mousse, and diffusers and I started embracing my wavy/curly hair in a stylish way.

My natural, air dried hair. Slightly damp

Fast forward to around eight years ago and all the sudden, I couldn’t achieve the same waves or ringlets with my tried and true styling methods. Everything just fell flat. My hair was back to poofy and frizzy, and this time all of the gels, mousses, creams and styling oils were failing me. All of the stylists I’d spoken to told me that hair changes as we age and maybe one day the curls will come back.  After exhausting all my options, I turned my focus to Plan B: honing my new, straight ‘do. I started by blowing drying my hair straight and then going over the whole thing with a straightening iron and boy, was this time intensive! Gone were the days of a wash and quick hair scrunch, I actually had to schedule in an hour to dry and style my hair now (#firstworldproblems, I know!). Thankfully, I don’t have to wash my hair very often due to it’s drier, coarse texture and my normal to dry scalp, so the hour-long blow dry tended to last me 2-3 days, but still.

Before long, I knew there had to be a better way and I started to research and invest in hair dryers and flat irons. Over the next several years, I tried a wide selection of brands, including Chi, GHD, and Babyliss, but bottom-line, I was still spending 45 minutes drying and straightening my hair. I was also seeing the adverse results of my styling with dry, damaged, split ends, which I just accepted as the price of straight hair and was diligent about scheduling regular hair cuts and conditioning treatments to offset the damage.

After drying with T3 Cura

Post-kids, I had even less time to worry about my hair, much less wash it (now it’s 2x/week, max), so I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger when I heard the fast-drying and shine/smoothness-enhancing claims about the very sleek and pricey range of T3 hot tools. I have been using the Cura Hair Dryer for the better part of this year and it has been a total game changer. I am able to blow dry my damp hair start to finish in around 15 minutes! And, as if that wasn’t incentive enough, my dried hair is softer, less frizzy and requires significantly less straightening. I am able to quickly run the 1.5″ Single Pass X straightener just over the few persistently wavy bits and in less than a half hour, I’m all done! My hair stylist has told me on numerous occasions that my hair is very healthy and I’ve significantly reduced my need for haircuts. Additionally, T3 hairdryers are very light weight. You won’t have to give your arm a massage break in the middle of a styling sesh anymore!

Volia! All done after straightening with T3 SinglePass X

As I previously mentioned, these are definitely luxury/splurge hot tools, but you can always take advantage of a promotion to sweeten the deal! Currently, T3 is running their Friends & Family sale where there are offering 20% off sitewide. Additionally, they always offer 15% off for first time customers when you sign up for their emails. You can also purchase these during Sephora’s bi-annual Beauty Insider sale (and get a potential 10, 15 or 20% off, depending on your VIB status). Ulta does not categorize T3 as a Prestige brand (yay!), so you can take advantage of the handful of 20% off one item/your order coupons they offer every year, as well as the 20% off most brands, including Prestige, which is currently on-going for Platinum Rewards members. I’ve also seen a small selection of T3 products sold at Costco and on at significantly reduced prices.

What is your holy grail hot tool?




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