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What’s in my bag?

Anyone else a huge fan of this oldie but goodie throwback to the beginnings of YouTube? I can’t say no to a ‘What’s in my bag?’ video, not just because they are so nostalgic, but also because, I love organizing, remember? …and I can be nosey (don’t judge!)…but mostly because of the organizing thing – it’s so helpful and inspiring to see what people carry and how they structure their handbags!

Anyhow, it’s time for me to pay it forward because I love my LV Neo Noe. This bag has it all: it’s trendy yet classic, all while being super functional. The straps can shorten and lengthen to allow you to wear this bag three ways: as a short shoulder bag, a long shoulder bag and my favorite, cross body 🙂 ! No worries if LV isn’t your thing, my organizational tips can be applied to any bucket bag. This shape makes for a great mom bag OR a great smaller, more hands-free, alternative for tote lovers.

Here are the products I talked about:

  • My ‘5-minute Face‘ bag: To clarify, this isn’t a real makeup look, per se. It’s more of a bag of essentials that can take you from zero makeup to put together, in a few easy steps.  Use this  as  a starting  point  and  customize  to  make  your  perfect  quick  but  put  together  look!
    • Mirror – pretty self-explanatory. Blotterazzi is great because its nice to blot and freshen up your makeup (when you are wearing it).
    • Powder SPF – Makeup or no, you gotta protect your skin from the sun! I’m a stickler for sunscreen year round, but even more so during the summer months. Powder SPF is great because you can apply this anytime, it works great over makeup! This is a super convenient one with a built-in, retractable brush.
    • Eyelash curlers – Curled lashes go a long way in opening up the eyes. When you don’t have mascara on, this is the next best thing. Mascaras have a short shelf life, so I always keep these handy when I’m on the go!
    • Brow product – Depending on your brows, it’s helpful to keep a brow pencil, marker, gel, or just a spoolie if you are really blessed, on hand. Well groomed brows can really amp up any no-makeup look.
    • Lip to cheek product – I say it all the time, blush is a game changer product. It can totally bring life to your face, not to mention a youthful glow 🙂 The Em Cosmetics True Gloss Lip Gloss is a great texture for a lip to cheek application, its creamy, not sticky and nicely pigmented. Other great options are multi sticks, cream blushes or lipsticks.
    • A glossy lip product – Save your matte lippies for days when you are actually wearing makeup, glossy lips are great for the fresh faced, bare minimum makeup look! I like the Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy in Clear. Its shiny, non-sticky and natural. Really helps to perk your face up. To take this one step further, you can line your lips with a nude/natural lip liner first.
  • Octopus Hair Claw Clips – I use these daily, they are the best for throwing my hair in a high or low bun. These are rubber lined on the inside, so they really stay in place!
  • AirPod case & ear hook covers – Airpods are great, you don’t have to fuss with wires, they are so easy to pair and charge insanely fast (and hold charge for a really long time!). But, they are insanely risky. I wasn’t sure how people didn’t just lose them all the time until I got these ear hook covers. They really conform to your ear and give you that extra bit of security when wearing these headphones. Also, this case is nice to not only protect the case the Airpods come in, but also because it has a caribeaner that the ear hook covers can attach to. Both of these are total must-haves for any Airpod owner!
  • Card Case – My Kate Spade gold sparkly card case is a few years old and unfortunately no longer available, but you can find card cases just about anywhere. I like how they keep my essentials at hand and then I can choose whether or not to bring my larger wallet depending on the occasion. When every pound counts, its good to have options to lighten your load.

Hope you found this video/breakdown fun and informative! What is your bag of the moment? I’d love to hear about any unique organization tips you use to make things easier. Share in the comments 🙂



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