Winging It

Nothing says #Glam quite like winged eyeliner. Well…maybe a bold, red lip …but I digress. I’ve never been the one to stick to a particular look, not really because I’m full of creativity, I just tend to get bored easily 😛 I’ve been through all the phases: just lower lash liner, smudgy pencil liner, gel liner and my current obsession, a dramatic winged liquid liner. For all it’s drama, I feel like this look can really work with anything! With or without shadow, formally or casually, heck even with my basic T-shirt and leggings Mom uniform.  

Wearing Makeup Revolution Renaissane Flick Eyeliner Pen (and probably online shopping 😛 )

Over the years, I’ve tried what I consider a pretty good cross-section of the liquid eyeliner market. The ink pot styles, the brush tips and marker styles. Matte and shiny formulas.  Drugstore and high-end. Blacks and browns. Afterwards, I would always find myself going back to my trusty Mac gel liner, because it gave me the control I needed with a liquid liner-ish look. It wasn’t until I found Makeup Revolution’s Renaissance Flick Eyeliner Pen that I was able to apply liquid liner with some semblance of skill and ease.

Let’s be clear, no one is saying that I achieve my ideal look in seconds and I always have Q-Tips on hand because making “identical” wings is hard for my inner perfectionist. I’ve also had a lot of practice with my winged eyeliner technique over the past decade, so I can’t speak for beginners, but all that said, this pen really has really upped my cat eye game! Forget the fact that it’s under $10 and can be even less with the occasional Ulta coupon. I would even dare to say that Renaissance Flick beats the cult status Stila and Kat Von D liners any day. When I first purchased it, I was totally drawn in by sleek and beautiful rose gold tube. I hadn’t really heard too much about the Makeup Revolution brand review-wise, but I decided to take the (minimal $$) risk. The firm, felt tip of the pen delivers effortlessly smooth, inky black pigment without skipping or pulling at the eyelid. I lay the pen on its side to draw the body of the line and use the pointed tip to perfect my wing. This is a shinier formula than I have typically preferred in the past (though not as shiny as Stila’s Stay All Day, for reference), but in this case, I love it! 

Longevity and water-resistance are things I look for in a liquid liner because I don’t touch up during the day and with my watery eyes, running is a distinct possibility. Renaissance Flick definitely lives up to the challenge here! I don’t have to worry about a contact lens-related snafu or laugh-crying episode leading to black smudges all over my face. My eyeliner stays in place all day until I take it off with makeup remover. 

While on the topic of liquid eyeliners I’ve been into, I wanted to throw an Honorable Mention into this post. Now, this formula isn’t as 5-star as the Makeup Revolution’s, in my opinion, but it’s one of the better I’ve tried and most notably, I can’t stop reaching for it. After a recent trip, my husband brought home the Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner in Brown (as a total surprise!) and while I was totally thrilled by the sweet gesture, I was skeptical of whether or not I’d like this.  Verdict: the boy’s got good taste (clearly 😛 ), I’ve really been enjoying this! Unlike the Renaissance Flick liner, this is a brush tip pen with a watery liner formula. The pen operates by clicking the end to start the flow of liner. It has a rich brown pigment, but in order to achieve that during the application process, you may need to give the pen a click or two. Formula wise, I’ve found this to be long wearing, but not particularly water-resistant, likely due to the wateriness of the formula. Note: when you click to progress the product, the liner tip becomes very saturated with product, so be mindful of this when applying. Usually pretty safe to start towards the outer lid or wherever you’d prefer a thicker line. Slight learning curve aside, this brush tip makes the liner very easy to apply and the pigment is buildable depending on how bold you prefer. I will always love brown liner for the simple fact that it provides eye definition while still letting your black lashes pop! 

Wearing Shisedio Automatic Fine Eyeliner in Brown

Hope I’ve inspired you to rock winged liner his holiday season! Let me know what your favorites are formula and color-wise, I’d love to check them out 🙂



Quick note: The Shiseido liner may be discontinued, but there are several retailers that still have it in stock (Amazon, Overstock, and Walmart). My husband purchased it from an airport vendor.


  • rkchecking

    Awesome! I am def going to try the Makeup Revolution one next! My favorite budget go-to is the Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner. It is easy to allly, stays in place, and isn’t too shiny! Have you tried it?

    Question— when you wear only eyeliner (no eyeshadow), do you put primer under it still?

    Also, any tips for making a good wing shape?

    • BittaFab

      I haven’t tried the Milani liquid eyeliner yet, I’ll def check that out! I always use primer because I have oily lids and I find that it always helps. As far as tips for getting a good wing – I always use the tail of my brow as a point of reference and start from there. Other than that, it just takes a lot of practice and Q-tips 😛 Good luck!

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